Friday, September 12, 2014

20 facts about me

Assalamu'alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh!

Hi! It has been a long time. I missed my blog so much. Had been very busy lately, SPM is just like 50 days away /sigh/ how can I not be busy. So last week I posted 20 facts about me on my instagram so I thought of posting it here too but I did some changes so here it goes;

1. I used to hate my name because I think it's so weird and ugly but now I LOVE it because now I think it's super unique aha!

2. I hate the fact that other people has the same name as I do. Benci gila bila come across someone yang nama Atilia, Tia, Tya. Tak boleh!

3. I have a twin brother named Arref Zaqwan & Ammer Zaqwan but Allah loves them more. They should be 14 this year.

4. I had an ugly childhood because I was the ugliest among my siblings & paling kurang kasih sayang haha

5. The only one yang pernah kena rotan guna tali pinggang because I pushed Dyna down the stairs hahaha

6. Rabun jauh with power around 800 (quite shocking i know, i know)

7. I'm a sucker for rings.

8. Tak makan sayur at all. Any kind of sayur pun.

9. I'm a sweet tooth. Give a chocs and I can finish them in no time!

10. I had 3 stitches bawah dagu & I had appendix when I was in form 2.

11. I want to get married early. 25 is the max lol

12. I super hate cucur udang. Even thinking about it makes me feel like puking ugh lagi lagi kuah dia bluek.

13. Wouldn't say I'm fat but I'm not thin either. I'm currently 52kgs.

14. Zurin & Zaqwan are like family names already.

15. I don't remember myself not being class monitor / asst. monitor.

16. I can tolerate lizards & cockroaches but NOT rats & squirrels.

17. I am so manja, I tell you. Very not independent.

18. I'm afraid of heights.

19. Sombong is the most common people's first impression on me. I kind of agree though. But I'm not, okay. I am not.

20. Penakut sangaaaaaaat sangaaaaaaat.

Ok I am done!

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