Friday, August 12, 2016

UiTM Dengkil 101

Disclaimer (2022) : I wrote this entry back in 2016. I was the first batch there, so a lot has changed since then. Please take this with a grain of salt. Thank you!


A very much overdue entry. This entry has been sitting in my draft for over 2 months, blank. Baru tulis title and I left it in draft for so long! This is a request entry by a junior, I think. So if anyone of you who are not interested to know details about Uitm Dengkil and how I survived a whole semester there, you know the way out, hehe..

Dengkil is surprisingly very near, at least for me. Sangat easy access. About an hour or less (It might take shorter than that) to get to KLIA, KLIA2 and Putrajaya Sentral. Kalau nak outing every week, you can go to Alamanda or IOI Putrajaya. Can get there by bus tapi sekarang ni Uber and grabcar banyak so give them a call, you'll get there! Nak balik kampung pun senang, airport ada dua haha. If you want to go jauh sikit for outing, get yourself to Putrajaya Sentral (by bus) you can go anywhere. Panjang la langkah nanti.

Bus that will stop infront of Uitm is Nadi Putra. You naik tu to get anywhere. That one RM2 sekali naik (if I remember it well). If you opt for taxi then you have to call yourself. Ada a few taxi dengkil that I've heard of but I don't have their numbers plus I don't think it is okay to put it here LOL. Otherwise can take Uber or grabcar like I've mentioned. If you pandai drive, dekat dengkil kereta sewa bersepah. Banyak options cuma kena rebut sikit la sape cepat dia dapat takut kereta habis.That one kena pandai pilih which one is better and cheaper. Jangan sampai kena tipu and be careful berurusan dengan strangers! *tetiba*

Jangan mimpi dapat wifi. I don't know if they have fixed or upgraded their wifi now but mannnnn, their wifi sucks. 3 months there I probably used the wifi twice. I can't even get myself connected! But IF you ever get through, during class hour, intagram and youtube tak boleh access. They blocked the websites huhu. The worst have yet to come.. you also need to choose the best service provider because data can be so lembab too there. Or is it just maxis... =_____________='

This is something that you don't have to worry about. We were spoilt with food that I gained while I was there. Mana taknya before class makan, after class makan, during class pun I munched on something.. But there are stalls yang lebih mahal from the others. That one you need to figure yourself la I don't want to mention them here.There's also a cafe there that we always call cafe hipster hahaha! It's Cafe Palma. The food is nice and portion pun boleh tahan besar so I really recommend but there are times yang cafe tu ramai orang and lambat so ikut nasib. If you can't wait then might as well just beli dekat Anjung (a canteen-like place where you buy food). There's also pasar malam dekat luar dengkil. Kena jalan sikit not sure how far because I've never been there. The food pun tak sure but you can discover yourself  ;)

There's two kedai runcit there dekat Anjung level 2. Both best and banyak goods. None are better than the other. You can get almost everything there. Toothbrush, toothpaste, towel, gayung, baldi you name it. Stationeries pun ada jual so no need to worry when you run out of ink hahaha. There's also kedai print and photostat for every student's needs! LOL

There's not much to say about this and I can't elaborate for every course because I only studied Science but if you have any specific questions you can ask me directly. But generally there's no easy way out to success. You need to learn the hard way. All I can say is jangan malas buat tutorial (I skipped or tiru Chem tuto everyweek). Kalau tak buat pun kau confident je la masuk class at least you know what's going on. Kalau dapat lecturer jenis check kerja tu maaflah tak boleh bantu. I can't say which subject is the hardest because it really depends on yourself. For me it's obviously Chemistry hehhhh.

Those are all that I can share with you about Dengkil. I enjoyed being there so much. I miss that place every other day and I'm glad that my youngest sister is there to experience the same thing I had. Foundation year has been nothing but a roller-coaster ride for me. Alhamdulillah I got through it and I hope the same for you. Enjoy every second there, make memories! x

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