Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Halfway through

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

Haven't updated anything since 2 months ago, I miss blogging and actually miss having the time to do so! I'm currently in the reading room at my college because apparently this is the only place I can get good WiFi, sigh. I'm squeezing time to blog in the midst of doing some research for an assignment. I have no time for anything at all these days.. *cries*

I feel like my blog has been so education-oriented because I always tell you of how I'm coping with school and university, and things related to that. I'm sorry if my writing seems to be boring and you can't relate. But honestly I appreciate people who still read though. I might rarely post entries, but I still keep myself updated of my daily readers. To those who still don't know, I've enrolled for degree in UiTM Shah Alam. I was offered to further in Biology, and for those who know me, you would know how deep my love for Biology is haha. So here I am, struggling my way through 3 years of degree. In fact, sedar tak sedar, I'm almost halfway through semester 1. TIME SLOW DOWNNNNNNNNN! 

Nonetheless, I'm doing fine alhamdulillah. It's week 5 now out of 14 weeks. Things get harder and time just runs. I'm still trying to adjust myself to truly get a grip! Five weeks in, assignments are flooding in, tests, quizzes, same old universities stuff. Honestly though degree is no joke. I thought I was already busy during Asasi, I am TWICE as busy now. During foundation I would never skip spending weekends at home but now I voluntarily want to stay here just to sort things out and complete my work over the weekend because I know if go back home, zero work would be done.

Thank you anyway for spending your time reading my blog. I'm such a bore, I know. Write soon. x

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