Tuesday, February 20, 2018

DAY 20

What is family life like right now?

Alhamdulillah very good. My family isn't big, and our age gap are not that far among us sisters. We are very close to each other, tak jumpa kejap pun dah rindu. We are all so hyped everytime Mum comes back home from work. My parents are doing well alhamdulillah but I am a little concern of their health. They are getting older, obviously and I am not always at home (except for right now because I'm on semester break) as I practically live in Shah Alam now.

My Dad is not as strong as he was before, he has hyperthyroid that makes him lose sleep, sweats a lot and has trembling hands. All of that made him lost some weight. Other than that, he's fine but it really worries me to see him sigh if he doesn't feel right with his body. My Mum on the other hand selalu sakit kaki lah, lenguh everywhere, senang dapat batuk/selsema and being the woman she is at her age, sakit sikit-sikit like that makes her sooo tak larat nak buat anything at all. It drives me crazy, I'm always worried sick. But alhamdulillah, everything is under control, and they are considered healthy still.

My eldest sister is in Ipoh, she lives there with her husband. They come back here quite often and we would always communicate via whatsapp. Amy & I are studying Shah Alam, only the two of us are always around. Amy would ulang-alik Kajang-Shah Alam everyday. I would try my best to go back to Kajang every week because I know how sunyi this house is with just the three of them. Dyna pulak in UTM, Skudai JB. She comes back once a month or whenever necessary.

Grateful for them all 💖

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