Sunday, February 4, 2018


Write down five things about your father that you always want to remember.

1. Very discipline in terms of taking his medicines. 
This is one thing that I wish I could take from him. He always ingat when to take his ubat without anybody reminding him. Even when dia rasa sihat, he would still take his meds as prescribed. 

2. Never picky when it comes to food. 
I think I have this too. I admire how he's always tak kisah whats for dinner ad would eat whatever that is being served. He also has the best eating etiquette. He takes the nearest lauk first, and tak makan excessively. And if he thinks the food tak sedap, he would still eat it. He'll say it only after he's done eating. "Tak sedap la this food." We would laugh because hello??? dah habis apa yang tak sedapnya... But that's just him yang tak suka membazir. 

3. A family oriented person. 
Both of my parents are but with Dad, he's different a bit. He has the biggest family ever. I can't even keep up. He would make time to visit his relatives, aunties, uncles, anak buah baru bersalin, almost ALL weddings there are, ziarah if ada anybody passed away even if the place is an hour plus away. He remembers them all. Belah arwah nenek and arwah atuk both family besar that I would ask everytime; "ni belah siapa, Pa?" Tak pernah ingat. I feel somewhat pressured to continue this after he's gone (nauzubillah). I respect how he appreciates his family yang tinggal and still care to visit. What a noble act.

4. A loving father.
My dad still hugs and kisses me when we meet, or when I'm going away nak keluar or nak balik Shah Alam. I know tak ramai fathers yang still do this to their daughters. Salam cium tangan and that's it. He has 4 daughters and all he can do is to spoil us all with his love and he really does that. Papa suka kacau us, he would cubit us tiba tiba, percik air after dia basuh tangan or sapu air on our faces, tampar our faces (tak kuat la ofcourse manja manja one) and he would laugh when we go "ouch!!". Probably the thing I will miss the most if I move out from the house. 

5. The best listener.
I love when he would just listen to Mum's rant after work tanpa penat atau bosan because he has to listen to that literally everyday. He is a great listener and you can just say whatever, he would listen. He's not much of a talker, so his response might be short and sweet but he would just sit there and listen to you. I love it.

6. A Malay drama trash
Tetiba teringat this one very important thing about him that I want to remember forever. This part is added a day after I publish this entry, hence tetiba ada 6 things 😂 Papa is a Malay drama trash guys. He watches every drama there is. Usually dia tengok je apa yang ada dekat TV tapi bila dah start tengok, dia ikut drama tu sampai last episode. My friends know I watch Malay dramas but tapi Papa lagi teruk! Ahahahah funny to think of it.

I love so many things about you, Pa. You are definitely not the perfect Dad there is, because nobody is perfect and I have never doubt your love to us your daughters as you show us that everyday. 

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