Wednesday, February 7, 2018


What are the qualities that you value in a friend?

It's like nature knows this beforehand. I have a story to tell. My best friend's father passed away earlier today. Truthfully, I knew this day would eventually come, that one of us would lose a parent. However when I received the news, I couldn't believe it. It was nearly 2 am when I got the message and I wasn't asleep yet. I sat in disbelieve for a moment, thinking 'it's really happening'. 

As we are growing up, I know and realize that our parents are getting old too, I know we will get here, one day. I know very well that I will experience the loss of my best friend's loved ones, if not my own. But God, I was not ready for this. I love my best friends, they are like my own family. Their family are like mine too. 

We went to her father's funeral and went back to her house for tahlil afterwards. I couldn't think of anything else other than to be there for her, to comfort her when she needs it, and to help as much as we possibly can. I'm so grateful that most of us can be there for her as we are on semester break/finished diploma already. In the midst of helping out, I thought to myself, would I still have them when my time comes? When I need them one day? We are 21 this year, having responsibilities in our plate now, most probably busier in the future, so life can get in the way when I want them around..

You see, I value my best friends and the qualities they carry with them. Seeing what happened today, made me realize that they are truly one in a million. I may not get any other friends like them. I know I can count on them, and I know they would be there for me to fall back on to. They are the place I can share my happiness with and they would be happy with me, the place and I can vent out to and they would listen, the place I can cry to and they would cry with me. Today is the day I really feel like we've shared happiness and sadness. Together.

And to you my best friend, you've showed me an incredible strength and patience. I might not be able to be half as calm as you were today. I love you, please know that we are here always, if you ever need us 💖

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