Tuesday, January 29, 2019

My Monday

My first, actual entry of 2019! (The first one was Wordless Wednesday but that doesn't count). HAPPY NEW YEAR GUYS! It's the last week of January, phewww! Unlike last year, January this time around is actually pretty dang fast. I finished my finals on the 13th and started internship on the 22nd. I had exactly a week break before internship starts. 

Internship so far...... is okay. Nothing much to do, a lot of reading and researching on my own instead of doing things. It's fine with me but I felt like studying instead of working. At least not yet because I know in the near future I will have things and actual work to do. However, I do hope that this will be a golden experience for me.

Aahh, kerja macam ni made me miss working at TTP a heck lotttt! If you are an OG reader, you would know where I worked right after SPM as well as foundation studies. Gahhh, I miss the people and the job itself. It was tiring but I had a ton of fun with all of the co-workers. I miss my Boss who were very patient, caring and kind to me. I met him a lot at his workplace when I was in Kajang but since I moved here, I lost the chance to meet him during semester break. 

I cannot believe I actually enjoyed working like that more than what I do right now. I was hoping that the environment here would be similar if not the same. But nope, everything is completely far except for the working space is a lot more comfortable and I just sit all day versus standing for long 9 hours. But lets be real, no two place is the same and no two experience is identical. I am sure I eventually will appreciate the experience and knowledge I will be picking up here.

Happy working to my classmates, all the best! I will see you guy in one a half month. Happy Monday to the rest of you 😜

p/s: It's Tuesday when this entry went up!

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