Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Day #19

What qualities do you value in a romantic partner

Senang cerita lelaki idaman la kan.... I can write forever LOL. 

1. Some sort of anak mak because if he values and appreciate his Mum, he will know how to appreciate me and respect other women in his life.

2. Good to my Mum. No explanation needed.

3. Has a heart of gold. Kind and compassionate.

4. Ambitious, go getter as well as hard working. 

5. Has the same outlook and principal in life as I do.

6. The most important and also one thing Mama wants in a son in law - boleh jadi Imam/beriman. 

One of my guy friend said that I am choosy but I feel like this is only the bare minimum? 

What am I listening to right now

Right at this moment, I am not listening to anything. But right now generally I listen to a heck lot of Ariana Grande.

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