Sunday, February 3, 2019

Day #3

Your favourite childhood vacation

There are not many vacations that I can still remember vividly. I only remember events, or parts of them. My family on Mum's side go on holiday/getaway twice a year. One in the middle of the year and another would be at the end of the year. We celebrate birthdays of  all the kids, parents as well as exchanging gifts between families. To be honest all of our vacations had been the best. I always have the best times whenever I am around my big, big family. However, I would probably choose that one vacation we had in Langkawi yearssss ago; I think it was in 2007. 

Not only because it was my first time taking a flight, it was also the last vacation we had with dearest grandmother whom I call Wan. The vacation was almost cancelled because of her health condition but she insisted on going for the sake of her grandchildren yang dah so excited to go. Our apartment was on the second floor and she was on wheelchair. No elevator available so we (the Moms and the Dads) had to carry her in the wheelchair up the stairs to get home and down if we wanted to go out.

Despite all that, it was a nice memorable trip that I will keep with me forever. The next year, on 8/8/08, Wan passed away. 

3 Fears

- Height. I gayat.

- Losing my family members.

- Tikus.

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