Friday, March 8, 2019

10 things I wish I'm good at

I love this 10 things series I got going on. Today I will be writing about 10 things I wish I'm good at. These things are either 1- I know nothing about or 2- I know, but I wish I am better at.

1. Singing
I envy people that could sing beautifully. I wish I have golden voice, even just bercakap pun sedap didengar.

2. Cooking
Hehe as much as I said I hate cooking, I do wish I'm good at it so that I would not hate it as much 😜 But like I said, I do cook, and I can cook but still need a heck lot of improvements.

3. Playing music instruments
I grow up wanting to play piano or violin because I feel like it's just so cool if you know how to play, what more if you are actually good at it. FYI - I don't know how to play any instrument.

4. 3rd language
It would be so cool if I am fluent in another language such as Mandarin, Hindi, Spanish or French. So so cool. 

5. Dancing
I know how to dance. In fact I danced before in school but I wish I could do more than that. I miss dancing.

6. Debate
Debaters are nerds but cool nerds. They talk like machine guns and are very argumentative. I had the chance to be in a debate team but as a researcher back in school. I do research on topics they got for the debate and seeing them in competitions was so....jaw dropping. I could never. I would startle and embarrass myself.

7. Driving
At the age of 22 and not being able to drive yet, sure does feel like I am missing something in life. I hope I will one day be able to drive, have a driver's license and actually be a good driver! Amiin hahah

8. Directions
Ok since I am not driving, my sense of direction is garbage. I tell you what.. I cannot even remember the way to the place that I go weekly or even daily! I still unsure of the way to UiTM from home even though I literally go there everyday. Using the same route! It is disappointing, really.

9. Sports other than netball
I love sports and I love staying active. I used to be an athlete (olahraga) in primary school and I play netball both in primary and secondary. I still play netball now in UiTM too. But I wish I am also good at other sports like badminton, basketball, or even futsal. I have a friend that is good at probably every sport there is. I want to be like her. If I could.

10. Photography
I like taking pictures and I appreciate good pictures. Hence, I wish I am good at taking, and making pictures look good. Plus, it is quite important for blog content 😉

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