Thursday, March 14, 2019

Throwback Thursday #1

Don't mind us looking like absolute crap. 18 years old faces!
It is the 14th of March and it is also SPM results day for 2018 SPM candidates. I see people on the internet freaking out and feeling anxious. I absolutely understand those feelings because been there, done that. All the best to those who will be receiving their results today and just know, apa yang Allah dah rezekikan, itulah yang terbaik buat you. 

You can cry, if you are not happy with it. You have feelings and you have the right to cry it out. Reflect on it. If you have given your best and you have left the rest to God, then don't worry. What you got is what He knows is best for you. Trust in His plans. 

Today as my juniors receive their results and start planning their take on life from this day forward, I on the other hand reminisce the day I got mine and how I felt. As per usual, I wrote about it 5 years ago. You can read here

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