Thursday, January 2, 2020

The rest of 2019, a recap

My first entry of the year, on the first day of the year! Woohoo! I'm sorry I dropped off last year on August πŸ˜‚A few updates from where I left off:

1) I secured my first job, started 5th Aug. Alhamdulillah. I remembered how I struggled so much trying to find my internship placement. I cried and was so hopeless. But God is great He let this time, my real job to be SO easy. 

Ever since I started working, man oh man, my health went downhill. I get sick literally every month. For someone who hardly get sick, I was really frustrated. I had corneal abrasion in August, just 2 weeks after I started working, was down with fever twice. I felt really weak.

2) Celebrated Aween's birthday. Grateful for the people I still have until now. The realest πŸ’›To many, many more birthdays in the future. 

3) Late September, I had Omakase for the first time, at Nobu KLCC no less. Came to a conclusion that I love sushi but raw food? No thanks. At least I enjoyed the night with the view πŸ˜…(Sorry the horrible pictures, the lighting was too dim huhu)

4) Attended Amy's graduation. A law graduate, finally! For someone that have seen everything she went through to get that degree, that day was one of my proudest moment as a sister. Looking forward to my own graduation πŸ˜›

5) I went to Nights of Fright for the first time in late October! If it wasn't because of ShopBack, I wouldn't go, ever. I penakut.. but I was surprisingly okay there? I was nervous before going in but being in there was really not that bad. Would I go again? Maybe. 

6) November was a hectic month. Both in terms of work and personal life. Attended two of my seniors' weddings, which made me realize that yeah, I am at that stage of life where I attend my friends' weddings now. I honestly eager to know which one among us to get married first! 

7) And you think it would get better in December, but nope, it got worst. I was down with fever, took antibiotic and got allergic reaction πŸ˜‘ My dad caught dengue, which almost took him away. Tuhan je yang tahu how I felt, how we all felt. He spent a week in the hospital, was monitored closely. I was all over the place. I couldn't focus, at the same time my health was also haywire. Only after about 3 weeks, he started to regain his health, but he is not 100% OK yet.

8) In the midst of all that, I flew to Singapore for a company trip. Something that has already being planned for months. I prayed hard that nothing happens and that Papa gets better so I would be able to travel without worrying. I went on a cruise for the first time! Again, another firsts. A memory I will keep close to my heart because I really don't know when can I ever get to go on a cruise again. Possibly just once in a lifetime!

9) While I was on the cruise, I got to know that one of my uncle is fighting with his life to stage 4 lung cancer. He was just waiting for his time to go. The doctor said that nothing can be done. I was hoping God let me come back home first, let me see him. I landed from Singapore on Friday around 6PM. Took KLIA Transit straight to Putrajaya to visit him at IKN. I whispered to his ears "Tya datang ni Pakwan", that was the only thing I could say. I felt a lump in my throat the whole visit. 

Went to have dinner, got home and showered. Just shortly after that, we got the news that Pakwan passed away. It was probably hard for Papa to accept that his brother passed away when a week before he just came to visit Papa at the hospital when he had dengue. Crazy how life works.

10) Had our biannual family day on the last weekend of 2019. We do this every year with Mum's side of family. I always enjoy them, I love my family so much, nothing in this world beats the blessing of having such a loving, supportive family around you. When I was studying last time, I usually miss the year-end family day because finals always happens to be around this time πŸ™„ 

11) Last but not least, I spent the last day of 2019 with the people I work with, playing bowling. Our last team bonding of the year. Had a great time and we won 4th place! Went back, too tired for anything. I went to bed 1130PM and missed the whole countdown and fireworks. A grandma, I know. But honestly it doesn't really matter to me that I missed it. I was just happy and content that the last and the first people I see were my parents. I close the year and begin another year with them ♥️

ps: I tried to be as discreet as possible as I don't want to put people's picture/face online if I don't have their consent. Especially if they are not my family. Sorry if the pictures are mehhhh. 

pps: I'm too slow that this entry would actually go live on 2nd Jan.

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