Saturday, March 21, 2020

Of being 23 & how I feel about it

I turned 23 nearly a month ago. How do I feel about it? To be really honest, I don't know. 23 is a weird number, and it's even weirder to say I am 23. Why do I feel that way? I can't even answer. All I know is that, 23 is the transition age of thinking oh I'm still young, dumb, broke but totally carefree to oh shit I'm an adult, I have things to pay, commitments got doubled.

I have more people asking me when will I get married, when will I get a boyfriend because we all know that "position" has been vacant for god knows how long. Meeting my relatives at weddings also means getting these kind of questions:

Ni bila lagi?

Nanti jemput la eh

I'm afraid they would have to wait for a veryyy long time, haha! Mama would bug us (yes, us three!) once in a while with questions related to this too and it usually goes this direction:

Nak mama carikan ke?

Tak kisah, asalkan decent. -- Our answer, all the time.

In all seriousness, turning 23 brings a larger meaning to me especially now that I am working. There are more things I need to think of, even larger responsibilities. My priorities will always be my parents first, myself comes second. So thankful that I still have my parents around to see me grow as a person, my sisters, my friends, the same people around me from years ago, until now. Eternally grateful.

I look back to my 22nd birthday and I can guarantee that my 22 year-old self had no idea I would be where I am, becoming who I am right now. Not sure if she would be proud or confused. But I know she would be happy regardless. 

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