Saturday, September 19, 2020

What 2020 has taught me so far

1. There’s no such thing as “I know this person very well” because you will never really know someone

2. Really put your mind & focus on your long term goals, your youth is not here to stay forever

3. The energy you give to people will not always reciprocate & that’s fine. You just have to learn where to really invest your energy in

4. Only time will tell

5. The world/earth will continue to get worse from here

6. Don’t chase the feeling of happiness — you will never get it. But chase experience, challenges, correct your past mistakes. Happiness & contentment will follow through

7. It is OKAY to be alone, embrace it while you can

8. Always fight for what you believe in

9. People will not always be kind to you, but you should always be kind to people

10. You are literally nothing without God. Find Him in ever step you take

11. Your peace of mind is the most important thing. Never compromise it

12. First step to finding love is loving yourself, feeling enough

13. Stop focusing on things that won't even matter in 6 months

14. How someone behaves is (most time than not) a direct translation of how s/he was brought up

15. Live meaningfully 

The past few months have been especially hard on me & I found myself thinking what is it trying to tell me. Nothing happens "just because" as I'm starting to get answers to my questions & explanation to my wonders. Everything happens for a reason after all, though some lessons need to be learnt the hard way

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  1. Just be as good as you could.. Don't easily give up and trust in yourself Tya.. La Tahzan because Allah always beside us.


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