Sunday, December 27, 2020

What 2020 has taught me so far (part II)

An extension to my last post on this, a list of learnings and lessons I have collected throughout the year. A lot of these are already known, not anything new but events that happened to me throughout this year gave them new meanings and served as reminders.

  1. Don’t beg for anyone to stay, free them to free yourself
  2. Negative feelings are necessary (getting hurt, sad, frustrated)
  3. Always be aware of where you stand in someone’s life, if you feel it’s not worth it to just stand on the sidelines, leave.
  4. You have the utmost power to your life, make changes where needed
  5. It’s you who’s stopping yourself from bigger & better things
  6. Be authentic to yourself, don’t change to fit in
  7. ALWAYS follow your heart, always. 
  8. Short bursts of happiness = short bursts of pain
  9. Nothing stays/lasts (both a blessing & a curse!)
  10. What left will be replaced by something better, don’t be too crushed
  11. Ignoring feelings/person/situation will not solve anything. Acknowledge it and address it 
  12. Age does not equate to maturity
  13. Never stop dreaming, manifest it into the Universe 
  14. Speaking good, being kind needs to be normalised more
  15. It’s impossible to find good people if you’re surrounded by none 
  16. It’s not narrow-minded/conservative to still hold on to your deep-rooted principles 
  17. Stop looking for other people’s fault & start looking at your own

And the one thing I learnt (actually something I read off from a book) that has changed my perspective of other people is that EVERYONE in this world is good. None of us is born bad/faulty/wrong (nobody wakes up in the morning & decided to be a bad person), we just make bad decisions in life. In essence (our fitrah), we were born to be good, to do good, and we all have that goodness in us. 

Biggest lesson ever as I have stopped thinking “Eh s/he is not a good person la” just for the things I see outwardly. Only God knows the goodness they have on the inside and how their life would turn around in the future. 

Note: T-minus 4 days to the new year!

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