Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Books I Completed #2

 I realised I go through novels way faster than I did for self-help books lol so late Feb I actually finished reading these 2 books. The first book, Landline is a book I have always wanted to read, but never got the chance to and the second book is a book I stumbled upon randomly and I really want to know what it is about.

Landline by Rainbow Rowel

Chosen excerpt from the book:

I root for the kind of love that helps you grow, liberating and freeing but also makes you feel whole and enough. But not in a mushy mushy way (read: cringe), if you get me. That's what this book is about, partly. Most of it is about saving an almost broken marriage. Pleasant read. I love it.

Rules For Being A Girl by Candace Bushnell & Katie Cotugno

Chosen excerpt from the book:

Honestly, not a fan of the book. Very teen-ish, I actually expected it by looking at the book cover hahaha. My 15 year-old self would love it. Though a lot of what was said in this book about how ridiculous it is sometimes to be a girl still remain true, I think it will not be in my favourite list. A light read, indeed.

I know I said I don't do book reviews but lol... here I am giving my 2 cents.

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