Saturday, September 4, 2021

Books I Completed #3


My last update on books I read was back in March and since then, I have completed a lot more. Truly this is the most books I've read in probably 5 years. I was not an avid reader, I can tell you that. But pandemic can really change your hobby, lol. 

I won't be giving review to each books like I did previously but I'll give my personal ratings to them.

the sun and her flowers & milk and honey (7/10) 

These are poetry books from Rupi Kaur talking about her past trauma, both set heavily around daddy issues, objectifying women and sexual abuse. A lot of the poems in the book made me feel really sad for her.

It Ends With Us (8.5/10), November 9 (8/10) & All Your Perfects (9/10)

Colleen Hoover has a very distinct style of writing. The storylines are not cliche but the way the hero & heroin meet for the first time is definitely only happens in novels, lol. My favourite of the three would be All Your Perfects because it touches on real issue (infertility) that people normally don't talk about and don't see how much it can damage a marriage.

The Wrath & The Dawn (10/10) and The Rose & The Dagger (11/10)

One story split into two parts. I...have nothing to say about these 2 books. Highly recommend. I cried like a baby for one part of book number 2. I was crushed beyond repair and I have not cried for a book in like.......YEARS. It was that good.

The Song of Achilles (11/10)

I understand the hype for this book now. It's a work of art. The style of writing, the language....chef kiss. Another book, Circe which is also from the same author is already in my TBR. There's hype for this book too, I just don't have the time to read physical book yet.

Say Yes To Summer (6/10)& Poemsia (6.5/10)

These 2 books are just alright. Light read, don't need much thinking or rock your emotions that much.

There you go, book review nobody asked for. LOL


  1. November 9, my anniversary! Macam kena baca je ni haha!

    1. yess please read & actually give opinion? Cos i find some of the parts disturbing ahahahah


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