Friday, December 21, 2012

End of the world

So people have been talking about today's date. All the rumors are spreading saying that today is the end of the world and it is funny how some people believe in that rumors. It is not wrong to keep reminding ourselves but it is not okay to make jokes over this thing. Death is not a joke it is never a joke. We knew that kiamat tu semua rahsia Allah. No one will know when is it gonna be. Not even a person. If someone ckp that day is kiamat, then it is confirmed, not the day. No one will know, okay?

And I hope, no one will ever make joke over this thing ever again, until the day really comes. We should be ready by then. No excuses. No regrets. There's no time to regret. Too late by then. While ada masa ni, perbaiki diri. Change to someone better. Improve ourselves every single day. I admit, I'm not perfect too. I make sins everyday. I hurt people's feelings once in a while. I do mistakes. I can't help from making sins too. But everybody tries to change, kan? Sementara masih berpeluang..


Be a better Muslim than you were yesterday 

"Tomorrow the world doesn't end, but your life might end. Prepare for your Hereafter."


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