Monday, July 1, 2013

1st July

Pejam celik pejam celik, it's July!!!!! My last post was on new year ya Allah I didn't remember I left my blog for half a year already! Ayat plg cliché, time flies so fast!!! Hahaha but srsly, I mean it. I can still remember vividly what I did last year. 

So lets recap how was my January to June now. Ok not really recap lah just a short short short conclusion. 2013 (january-june) has been a very very very very very tough year, ever. I have never been in such a tough year. I swear this is the toughest. But alhamdulillah I survived to July. 

Loads of things happened and living as a upper form student is hard. Superb hard. I wish I am fifteen again. Siapa ckp yg form 4 ni honeymoon year tu mmg aku salute habis sbb everything susah ok. Pelajaran, how to cope with it dah satu hal. Exam lama gila mcm setahun tu lg satu hal. Dah tak boleh enjoy like I did last year dah. 

In fact, I think tahun lps yg honeymoon year walaupun ada PMR. I didn't feel the pressure like I feel now. Not just that, my life gets tougher day by day. My two elder sisters duduk jauh for work & further study, mumsy makin busy with work, friendship kdg kdg haywire jugak. Sometimes I feel like I can't cope with this anymore. But still, live goes on. 

I really hope the rest of the year will go well. No stress, boleh? I have zero happy memories in 2013 so far. Not my year lah, I guess. Ok then, see you again very soon inshaAllah hehe xx

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