Saturday, February 1, 2014

Of World's Hijab Day


How is everyone been doing? I'm doing so great but ugh school has been really tiring and stressful that I almost give up and puffff! there goes my new year resolution. But then, nope, I'm not giving up. At least, not yet. So it's 1st February of the year. I cannot believe how fast January passed by. I currently have approximately 10 months or 9 to go untill SPM, which is my focus right now. I am trying so hard to get the best result which at par with my effort and du'a. I'm trying. 

And also, I'm currently busy with school, not only academics but also in sports. I'm representing my school with the others (of my team) for netball tournament which will be held....idk in April maybe? Or a bit later than that. For of course I set my target too for that. So last year we didn't even get through the first stage but this year I really hope we can at least win two games against other school. It's ok if we can't be the group champion but at least we can win two (to be the group champion we have to win at least three) It's a bit complicated for you to understand... 

That's is all of MY updates for now, I guess. So today is first of February and every first February is the World's Hijab Day. It is a worldwide campaign (sort of) where the non-muslims can also wear hijab and post pictures or even tweet with the hashtag #worldshijabday. I'm not sure who organise this campaign but there are about 100+ countries take part in this campaign! If the non-muslims can also wear it sincerely, why can't us who were born Muslim? 

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