Sunday, June 8, 2014

Little updates

Assalamu'alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh! 

Giving salam fully is more ok, no? I hope everyone is well. I would say I am all healthy but nope, I have been dealing with flu for about a month now. Dia kejap ok, kejap tak ok. And God knows how long it takes to completely recover from this virus. How annoying that is -.-  

School holidays has been going on for a week now (well a week + three days for other people but not me) and my holidays are rather boring but productive because I don't go on holidays but I'm spending my spare time revising since SPM is just 5 months away.. FIVE MONTHS--then I am done with school. Yay! 

I'm so excited that Ramadan is coming in less than a month!!! Praying that I get to do my best this year and istiqomah doing ibadah even after Ramadan. InshaAllah. Sama sama berubah okay? So in conjuction of that, dah alang alang ckp pasal puasa, I have a little challenge for those yang belum bertudung hehe. So the challenge is-- to wear hijab through out Ramadan month, wear it anywhere and everywhere. Pasar ramadan ke, shopping raya ke, anywhere. Rumah tak yah la eh. Jgn buat gila pulak unless ada bukan mahram la hahaha. Mana tau this might change your life forever ke? And to those yang dah berhijab, do spread this challenge. We might make a big different to someone's life, who knows? 

With that, tamatlah entri ini hehe thank you for reading! Jumpa lagi, xo 

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