Saturday, April 26, 2014

Of Allah's blessings.


I have been thinking  a lot lately about things and I kind of see things clearly. I see things differently now. You know when people say about life, there's so much to talk about. A LOT. I came to realize, Allah planned our lives so perfectly, even the way we didn't expect it would be. Sometimes He send us test that we thought we couldn't bare its pain. Sometimes at the same time, He send us happiness in the most unexpected way. It's crazy how life works. Every time I compare my life with other people, I got upset. Because I always compare with the things I don't have. But if we keep on comparing what we don't have with what other people have, we can never be happy. Compare with people who has less than what we have, only then we'll feel grateful. Only then we'll feel that we actually have all we need.

I always complain because I am surrounded with people who have more than what I have. I am envy with everyone and that saddens me. My Ustazah once said, "bersyukurlah awak tak kaya, sebab itu jalan untuk kita sentiasa minta tolong Allah. Harapkan pertolongan Dia." That was when I felt complete, I realized that, I don't have to be rich. I don't need to be. Being around people with various of highs and lows in life, showed me how Adil Allah is. Indeed he is the al-'Adl. He has put us in the state where He wants us to be, no one can ever change that. And there's always a reason why Allah made my life this way. I just have to believe, be grateful and live my life the way it is. How hard our lives could be, remember to count your blessings. Alhamdulillah for what ever you are and what ever you have! x

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