Friday, July 11, 2014

A horrible, horrible feeling

Assalamu'alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh. 

Raise your hands, my fellow readers.

"Ya Allah, I beg you to keep our brothers and sisters in Syria, Gaza & Palestine save. Grant them the highest level of Jannah Ya Allah. Bless their souls for being brave to fight for Muslims all over the world. Grant their du'as in this Holy month Ya Allah. Give them the happiness they have always wanted--maybe not here, but in your Jannah. Aamiin"

I don't know in what form can I help them. I'm devastated that I am incapable of doing anything, other than sending my du'as. That's the best I can do. Oh how I feel so useless now. Seeing pictures of what happened there, broke my heart into pieces. Ya Allah besarnya dugaanmu buat mereka dalam bulan yang mulia ini. 

And these things, those pictures made me realise something--that I haven't been grateful enough for the peaceful country I'm living in. The crime rate here are just 10% of what they are going through. Maybe not even 10%. But why are we making fuss about how Malaysia is not safe anymore, and Malaysia is no more "aman"? Try living there and you'll realise how aman we are. We are STILL living in peace, I could say. 

How can your heart not be broken seeing pictures of babies being burn to death? Bombing everywhere and nowhere is safe there? Some people might have just broke into tears by just looking at the pictures on twitter. So dear people, be grateful for what we have, pelihara keamanan yang kita ada ni. Salahkan orang lain is not the solution and it won't change things. Siapkan diri masing masing because it might be our turn to be bombed and attacked. Nobody can guarantee that won't happen. 

This is NOT a doll this is nour a little infant starved to death under Assad's siege in #Syria 

Keep sending du'as, may Allah grant them. 

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