Sunday, November 8, 2015

Long silence

Assalamu'alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

'It has been so long since I last blogging' would be sooo cliche because I've said that A LOT. Anyway, hello everyone! I hope you guys are well :) Wow my last entry was in May and now it's November already. SAY WHAT??? Gosh... time really flies huh? I've been wanting to blog but I couldn't find the right time to do so. But since I am on semester break now, I have all the time to myself. So here I am, sharing again ;)

Many things happened in last couple of months. Good things, bad things. Memories created (bad ones, good ones). Lets just put aside the bad ones because I only want to tell to good ones. Staying positive is the way to go! Ahah. So let me recall back what happened since my last entry.


I got into University. Yay, Alhamdulillah. I got offered to UiTM (was my first choice when I applied UPU) So I was very thrilled that I got in. Being offered to further in Foundation Science (Asasi Sains) at UiTM Puncak Alam. I have been dreaming of getting myself in there since form 4 I think? Being a foundation student is the only goal I had. I didn't dare to dream studying abroad. I don't know why.. I guess the thought of being away like AWAAAY from home is scary. And to meet people who are not from your own nationality and you have to speak their language, hmm not what I want in life. Lol. Puncak Alam is a nice place, I really enjoy myself being there for like...4 months? The people, the syllabus, lecturers, food, environment, if I were to talk in detail about this, most of you might skip reading it because it would be long. I will tell everything about palam in another entry. Soon (promise).


Nothing much happened. All I remembered was Hari Raya. 


The month that I have been waiting for all year. The whole family, actually. My eldest sister got married! I was so overwhelmed, happy for her. The nikah day was very emotional for our family. It almost feel like letting go. She's under someone else's care now. You see, I have 3 sisters. All my life I have been spending my time with them. Growing up with them. Gone through phases in life together. I've watched her (I'm being specific now) fell, got back up again, seen her cry, beig scolded at, EVERYTHING. The age gap between us two is 5 years but we are close (I'm her fav sister, obviously). So watching my brother doing the akad, made us, her sisters teared up. Mama jgn ckp lah, orang dah pergi makan pun dia belum habis sedih, Long story short, everything went really well, alhamdulillah. People were pouring at the venue! Ramai sangat orang datang, all of us got nervous. Pukul 3 makanan dah habis even though we catered food for 1300 pax. Rezeki kakak, ramai yang datang. Too bad I don't have the pictures of the wedding in my laptop hmm


Nothing happened in September too, only that I was struggling for finals. I had breakdown because I was missing my mum so much and I couldn't bare how tough the syllabus were. Usually when I study at home, whenever I'm stress and need suuport, I would just run down and get my mother. I would hug her tight, and all of my worries would melt. But there at palam, I have no one. My housemates were not as miserable as I was. They were really fine and watching that, made me even more stress! But when the finals over, I was happy and relieved and glad. Overall, Maths was the only paper I found SO HARD. The others were so-so. Oh I forgot, I had MUET speaking test in September. It was...not good. I did not get cold feet, my hands wasn't shaking, that means I was NOT nervous, but I dont know why, I couldn't talk. The words won't come out. Ideas weren't flowing LIKE IT SHOULD BE. After final exam, I went on a short vacation with two of my bestfriends, Aleen and Sarah to Port Dickson and Melaka. Aleen drove all the way back & forth. It was fun, have always wanted to go on vacation with friends and I finally got the chance to. Hopefully we will get to do it again but this time, I hope everybody is available. Other than that, nothing interesting happened. 


As I type this, it is currently 12:39 am, 8th November 2015. It is not even halfway through so I have nothing much to share. The only thing I could share is that yesterday I had MUET (reading, writing & listening test) So relieved that MUET is over. Hopefully I'll get good band. I don't want to repeat, never want to go through all that ever again, inshaAllah.

I babbled a lot already. Thank you for reading up to this point. Much appreciated hahaha. Will write another entry soon, as promised.

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