Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Of gaining experiences

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

It has been so long, i miss blogging. So hi everyone! I wish all of u are in good health. I'm good, alhamdulillah. I have been resting at home for a week now since I have already quit from work but up until now, still rasa mcm nak tidur for one whole day. I don't know why I feel so legartic. Maybe because of the vacation too. Hmm maybe.

Anyway, the reason I'm blogging today is to share with you guys what I've gained from working for the past 4 months. To be very honest, it wasn't easy quitting. I miss teh tarik place already :( If I have my way, I would still want to work. I spent 4 months working, and I tell you, I learnt a lot. It somehow changed me. Dulu mana reti buat air sendiri. Air milo mama yang buatkan every single day sbb kalau buat sendiri mesti tawar la tak sedap la. And truth to be told, bfr kerja, I cannot cook at all. Maggi pun fail. Tak tipu, im not even kidding. Even if the progress I see in myself are just so little, but I still so proud of myself. And the fact that I can tahan kerja for 4 legit months, is something that i can be proud of ok. I proved myself that I can be independent too. I am not that spoiled brat yang duduk rumah je buat kerja taknak, manja, anak mama. I proved everyone (not literally) wrong. 

Working there also, improved my self confidence. I dont know but I feel a lot confident with myself now. I guess I'm just developing my social skills sebab since sekolah lagi dah ada self confidence sikit sikit but by working, made it better. Another thing that I see myself progressing in is interactions with people. Dulu dekat sekolah, people called me sombong all the time because i wasn't friendly and I didn't smile a lot just because I mind my own business. But ever since I'm working, smiling became a habit to me. Kerja as a server & a cashier demands u to be as friendly as u can so it slowly change me. And I also notice that I am a lot happier ever since I'm working. I was a serious type of person when I was in school. Boleh tanya orang if tak percaya. I changed drastically sejak kerja TTP. I laugh a lot, I smile a lot, I was happy. The main factor is definitely because of the people there. They all are so so so fun to be with. So funny, sangat baik, god, i dont know how to describe them. Awesome people, they are. Fell in love with the people, the place. 

To whoever juniors yang might read this entry, nanti habis SPM boleh la kerja dekat situ. I didn't regret working there, not at all. Penat, letih semua ada but i treasure every single second spent there. Banyak memories and banyak benda I learnt that I might not get anywhere else. I thank God that I got the chance to know them all. Alhamdulillah. 

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