Saturday, June 3, 2017

Of best friends and laughter.

Us four and bad lighting.

It's kind of a tradition or more like a norm where me and my friends would go for berbuka every Ramadan. This year, it was yesterday. Unfortunately,  not everyone can make it so it was only Sarah, Aween, Aleen and I together with Asna, Nani and her friend. We went for Korean food this time around. It was nice. We got to celebrate Sarah's birthday as well as it falls today (current time; 3rd June). The "surprise" was nearly failed and it was quite a struggle to keep it a secret from her! She's the curious type of person if you know her, hehe.

We went to McD afterwards to meet Mimi and Mia as they can't join us for berbuka. We had so much fun, laughed a lot, way more than four of us did at the Korean restaurant. I suddenly had a moment.. watching them laughing and giggling, making fun of each other just reminded me of how much grateful I am to have them in my life. Man.. look at us now! I said to myself while still looking at them, full of love. How did we ended up here? 7 years later and we're still here, probably laughing at the same thing. Same lame jokes.

I'm even smiling typing this, I kid you not. How many things can change but some other things remain the same. And that thing is us. How Mimi and Aleen have that eye contact thingy to communicate and they can actually understand each other. How they read each other's mind is honestly incredible. How they would burst into laughter afterwards and all of us knew what's going on. They communicated through eye-contact 👀 Also how Sarah is always the last one to understand jokes and would be the last one to laugh. Aiyer so lambat this girl but that's how we get to laugh again. At her, this time around. Mia and her badan kecik but perut so besar. She's always the one who would finish up our food and time tengah makan, time tu lah nak cakap 😑 And also Aween, the sweetest of all. Sometimes so soft, some other time so loud. Very 'tak kisah' kind of person. Qis was not there because she can't make it. I know we rarely meet and you have the life of your own now but do know I still love you the same. I care and I still value you as much as I value them. To me you were never gone 💖

We have gone through a lot as one. We fought, of course we did. We cried, we laughed a lot, probably laughed too much until we cried 😂 we shared joy and sadness. The good and the bad, you name it. We had issues, every normal friendship would go through this but we grow through all of that. I'm utterly glad we did.

For 7 years...I am still able to see the same smiles, to hear the same laughter. God know how much I love you girls, I'd do anything I could for you. The good and the bad, I'd cherish it all and keep them with me forever. I'd brush unnecessary fights off as I love our friendship more than just petty issues. We are more than just best friends, we are sisters ❤

Here I attach together our pictures form the past 7 years. Most of the pictures taken along the way cannot be posted as all/most of us have yet to cover up at that moment of time.

I don't even remember what year it was.. HAHA I guess it was 2012

PMR results day

School carnival, I guess.. 😅 2012/2013

SPM results day


Horrific form 1 faces 😂 2010

Mimi's birthday 2015

Sister's solemnization 2015


Salam restu for SPM. A few days before the big day!

Oh I love this picture.. 2016

High school's graduation day 2014

Still have Aween around even when we're far ❤ 2014

Eid 2015


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