Tuesday, March 28, 2017


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I have always loved weddings, especially wedding dinner. I know most people don't agree with wedding dinner because you'll need a bigger venue since usually it is a one time sit-down dinner and not the usual wedding where you have guesses come and go. And also you'll need your invitees to RSVP which they did confirm for only +1 but ended up with extra baggage. Not just that, when you attend the wedding you need to wait for other guesses to come, the bride and the groom, then you'll need to watch them salam restu or some would still be doing merenjis. All that traditions before you get to the important part; the dinner itself. You'll be starving by then. I totally get it.  But that does not wither my love towards wedding dinner.

If I were to get married one day (which is not gonna be ANY soon), I would definitely go for wedding dinner for all the pros, not the cons that I have mentioned. If you want it, you have to go through the hassles. Dad wants it that way too, Mum wouldn't mind. I think for the most part, it benefits the bridegroom's family. You wouldn't need to rush for any prayer time, it only lasted for maximum two and a half hours (4 to 5 hours for normal wedding), it's not gonna make your armpits wet that much, you'll get to gather only the closest to you and not some aunty that you don't even know of, less work required as you don't need door gift girls because it's already set on the table. The list goes on and on. 

Last few nights, for the first time, I did not enjoy wedding dinner as much as I usually do. I had to accompany mummy to a wedding last Saturday. I was thrilled. I know it's gonna be a beautiful wedding, and it certainly was. Only that, they had the royalties and ministers coming over too! Mannn, the protocol was on another level, or maybe it was just me not used to all that. Unluckily (or luckily, I'm not sure), our table was facing the meja beradab where the bridegroom and the royalties sat at. To make it worst, we shared table with Mum's bosses and they don't talk that much. Still in boss mode even outside workplace, sigh. Even the rice was being scooped for you, tell me how do I eat normally? I had to be SUPER proper. That cut off my appetite, honestly. They had so much food but I just couldn't eat. People would stare at you for eating so much and who knows the royalties too!

It was a fancy wedding. Everyone dressed so beautifully, and all of them looked like Datin and Datuk. They probably are. For a moment I was all jakun and secretly wish my wedding would be somewhat like that. Minus the protocols because I'm pretty sure there ain't no Prince gonna marry me, HAHA.

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