Friday, September 15, 2017

Different Route

Many of you may or may not know how close I am with my siblings. We are SO close to each other, I guess it's mainly because we are all girls. We grew up together, none of us got offered into boarding school so we basically have each other through out primary and high school. We fight, yes. A lot, actually. We are different indeed. So different that it is somehow got me thinking how come we have completely different personalities. 

So when we got to know that my youngest sister, Dyna got offered into UTM, we went 'oooohhhh... so Johor?' I remember vividly the day Dyna applied for UPU, I clearly told her not to put UTM as her first choice, because I cannot imagine not having her around. Sounds dramatic, but I did beg. She listened anyway. But fate is fate, she's destined to be enrolled in UTM. 

She was also the first to get offered for a university that is not UiTM. So it was something different for us too, to adapt. People laughed and told us Johor isn't far and I know they might think we were overreacting. But believe me, we weren't. Kakak studied in Ipoh and we felt the same emptiness when we sent her off but I was too young (I was in form 1) to feel emotional plus we have 5 years age gap. With Dyna, it's different. She's basically my twin that I do everything with.

We all sent her off two weeks ago. She hasn't come back home yet ever since, but we speak on the phone every two days. She seems happy so I guess a change can be good. She'll come back probably next week, this will be the longest I go without seeing her. 

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