Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Silver lining

For every time an unfortunate event happens to me, I will always believe that it happens for a reason, and I would actually search for it. You know you don't always get see (the silver lining) or understand it, but most of the time, I kinda do (or probably just created it in my head! 😆)

So last two weeks, for the first time, I had food poisoning. It was basically because I ate reheated food from two days ago (it was clearly my fault, though). But, at that time it did not taste spoiled or bad, at all. I was so sure that it was still good. I went to bed as usual that night only to be woken up the next morning around 630 am with bad stomach ache. I thought it was just normal bowel, but it was  not..... And you know what happened next. Yep! I went back and forth the toilet the whole day.

It was Wednesday when it happened and continued until Friday. I initially supposed to go on a field trip on Friday but had to skip it because of this. Mom offered to pick me up on Friday night and so I went home. I immediately felt better. I know... I was probably just homesick! 😅 

Just from there, I can already see the silver lining. God gave me sickness so I can go back home and see my family (I didn't plan to go back home that weekend), I skipped one day of field trip that all my friends said was horrible, went to the second day of field trip and it ended up being one of the funnest day (my friends told me I'm lucky that I didn't go on the first day), I got to see my best friends for Mimi's birthday celebration (it was her birthday week). 

What I thought would be one of the most hated week of my life, turned out to be the one I'm super grateful for. I'm thankful for the food poisoning, I really do. But I would not wish it for anybody else, though. It was not a fun experience, I can assure you hahah. The point is, don't complain for what happens to you, for it is definitely the best for you. Search for the silver lining, there must be a reason why it happens. Be it as a trial, for you to be better or a blessing to you. 

This food poisoning was definitely both to me, He wants to see how sabr I can be with His trials, and it was also a great blessing for me. 

Silver lining original screen printed card, by Lil Sonny Sky, via Folksy

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