Thursday, February 1, 2018


Write down your fondest memories to do with a childhood pet.

I've had pets when I was growing up but it didn't last or survive for that long. I've had hamsters, cats, fishes but I've never felt a close connection with them. It didn't tear me apart when they die or when they ran away (not the fishes, they can't run lol). 

Not until we got a rabbit. We named her Perry. It was not too long ago though, about 4 to 5 years back. That's when I truly feel the love and emotional connection with a pet. We love her dearly. Bought another rabbit to mate her with. The next thing we know, we had like 6/7 rabbits. 

One thing about rabbits is that, their immune is not very good. They fall sick or even die easily if somethings not right. We had Perry the longest, she grown big and had many offspring. One day she just fell sick. We were SO sad, brought her to the vet but after we got back home, a few hours later, she died. 

I've never cried over the lost of a pet before, but I cried hard when she died. Couldn't bare any more loss, we stopped having any pet since then. 

Obviously not the fondest story, this is tragic.

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