Thursday, February 15, 2018

DAY 15

How has life changed for you in the last year?

Hi! I'm sorry that I skipped a few days just because I have nothing to say and the questions are too boring for me to answer, let alone for you guys to read lol *yawn*. 

Life hasn't changed that much in the last year but I do experience new things that I surprisingly love. First of all, I joined silat olahraga for my kokorikulum in university. Initially I felt dreaded that I had to choose silat because I was not into it and never had interest in it. Other clubs were full and I followed my two other friends who also joined silat so I thought I would enjoy it at least a wee bit. But, surprisingly I love it. I enjoyed every class because I had amazing cikgu, he's so funny he make my day every week & I always have a good time at silat practice. I instantly fall in love with silat, it literally changed my perspective on silat.

Silat level II however was a tad bit stressful. I was the secretary for silat and we had to plan an event so it was a lot of work. We had meetings, reports to be done, letters to be made and sent out. In the end, the event didn't even happen. All of the hard work and time spent gone to waste, but I honestly didn't mind it though because all of that work, taught me so much. I now know how to do official letters and stuff. Silat had been testing my capabilities in so many areas that I never thought I'm capable of doing. 

Secondly, I learnt not to generalize people. I used to say all law students act a certain way and they are all the same. It's the kind of generalization I have in my mind since foundation days ok don't blame me. Thennnn, God is the best of planners, He put me in a house with 6 law students. Yeap, sekali enam Dia bagi. I was surprised, yet again. They are all nice, decent, funny people. I'm way too lucky to be getting them as my housemates. They are all hardworking peeps too. I felt like final exams weren't as stressful because I have them. We struggled together, stayed up and motivate each other. Gahhhh, I love them.

Lastly, I realize that you cannot force love. It happens when it happens. No matter how close you are to that person, or how much time you give. Doesn't matter how much attention that person gives you, or how kind that person is to you. Never let it grow out of pity, it will not last. And when it really happens, you will never have to question if the feeling is real ever again. If you do, then that's not love. 


  1. I read all! Please update everyday <3 Hehe!!

    1. Aww :') Thank you, I appreciate it! I will try to update as often as possible inshaAllah <3


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