Sunday, February 18, 2018

DAY 16

Describe a moment from today that you want to remember always.

I'm sorry this post goes up late. I was away for two days, my family and I went to JB for two days, so that's why. On the 16th, we went and visit my uncle from Dad's side at the hospital. He was admitted, he is suspected to have dengue.

On previous entry I said Papa is a family oriented person, today I want to say how lucky he is to be getting Mama as his wife. Looking at Mama and how she accepts Dad's family and treat them like her own, amaze me. I can say that family belah Papa if anything happens, akan cari Mama dulu. She will be the person people first contact, and not my dad. How weird, but yes. That's how Mum is well-accepted into the family.

At the hospital I was touched to see Mum's concern look at my uncle as she sits on a chair right beside his bed. Dad was beside me talking to his anak buah, across both of them. I aspire to be exactly like Mama, she's the ultimate example of 'when you marry a man, you marry his whole family'.

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