Sunday, October 21, 2018

10 things you probably don't know about me

I feel like after a few years of blogging and being active on social medias, I have exposed a lot of things about myself. However, there might still be things that you don't know. You can leave your comment if you actually already know the things I'm about to tell 😝 

1 - I kept a t-shirt from when I was.......3(?) and I use it as a cloth to brush it against my cheek and I go to sleep with it. Sama mcm concept bantal busuk la but this is baju. (I can't believe I just exposed myself OMG) I only able to get rid of it early this year. 

2 - I should be having more than 4 siblings. My Mum had multiple miscarriages. 

3 - I only attend kinder garden for a year and then I quit duduk rumah tunggu Dyna balik tadika. #BOSS I sorang je tak ada gambar graduation tadika because I only went when I was 5 years old. When I was 6, I stayed at home teman my maid hahah

4 - I took taekwando sampai tali pinggang Kuning 2. JE. But I still remember most of the moves.

5 - I tak takut lipas atau cicak

6 - I was named after Atilia Haron (google her if you don't know her)

7 - I tak makan any animal punya insides. No hati, paru, pedal. Nope.

8 - I HATE cucur udang. I don't know why even thinking about it dah rasa lain macam dekat tekak.

9 - Zurin is not my father's name. Many people think that it is my Dad's. It's ours.

10 - I did so bad in school during standard 4 - 6 to the point I failed my Bahasa Melayu paper 2. My teachers did so well in preparing me for UPSR or else I would flop. 

Extra - I tak pernah hafal sifir. I survived anyway and at this point I don't need to hafal hiks.

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  1. I didnt have my graduation tadika toooo ! Attend tadika for half a year only when i was 6, then i moved, and duduk rumah je


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