Friday, February 22, 2019

Day #22

What defining moments were in your childhood?

I have a lot of anxiety in me which a lot of people don't know. I realized one of it sparked/ or the first memory of having anxiety was when I was really young. I was probably 4 y/o or 5. I hate the beach. Not the sand nor the amazing view; but the sea. The open water, the waves.

I remember being so young and so scared and paranoid that I might lose my sisters because I see them mandi laut. I don't dare even being near the water. I takut. I saw Dyna mandi laut and I cried. I takut if dia lemas ke apa. I was very paranoid. Sampai sekarang I still have that anxiety everytime I am near water. Swimming pool lain cerita.

If any of you know what kind of a person I am when it comes to studies, you would know that I am an overachiever. I remember one time I dapat number 6 in my class during kinder garden and I don't like it. I kept on saying sorry to my parents and they were like "why are you saying sorry? This is good." And I was like...... "really?" Sampai sekarang I masih ada attitude sama only that I don't say sorry anymore because I know my parents are happy with whatever that I got. Blessed.

Eye colour

Dark brown like the Asian I am.

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