Saturday, February 23, 2019

Day #23

What do you miss most about your hometown?

A lot. The loving and refreshing environment I get whenever we are there is something I can never get back. I might be biased but yess I lebih rapat dengan my Mum's side of the family rather than Dad's side because I see them so often. Hometown means Dad's side because Mum's family are here in KL. 

However, even though I may not be as close to my cousins on Dad's side than to my Mum's side, I still have some cousins yang around my age and I rapat. Every time raya or balik kampung for CNY ke, we would hang out and pergi sawah dekat belakang sampai semua kena keteguran and muntah muntah. We would play football (balik kampung kan mesti la main sports lelaki 😂) sampai bola kena kepala, run around dekat belakang rumah kejar anak ayam.. I miss al of that.

Paling rindu is the person I always look forward to meet kalau balik kampung; my arwah nenek. This year, this month, marked the 5th year of her passing. I still miss her everyday of my life. 

Kampung is not the same without you Nek. We've all grown up, berkahwin and ada keluarga. Kampung is not as meriah as it once was. 

Hair colour

I wish it's pink or something but black. Haha

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