Thursday, February 28, 2019

Day #28

What is a mistake people make about you?

Always something to do with my face. Or it is because of my face. People often mistaken me as someone snobbish and unfriendly OR someone garang. 

To be fair, I would admit that I am somewhat "garang" but truthfully I am just strict. I can be playful and all but when it comes to something important I would automatically change into someone strict and stern. It is just my personality. However, I tend to berkerut all the time so it would just show that I am snobbish, unbothered, and can't be touched. And I totally understand why people are so afraid to approach me because if I were to be in your shoe, I would too.

But my face is something that I cannot change. The only way is just by getting to know me. My resting face is like that. Macam nak marah je sentiasa. I berkerut almost all the time and I did not realize that I do. Dyna said I even berkerut in my sleep! Sheesh.

Favourite movie

A heck lot. Some of them are:

We are Family (Hindi)
The Great Gatsby
Confession of a Shopaholic
Legally Blonde
Mean Girls
Movies with Rebel Wilson in it 

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