Thursday, February 28, 2019

Turned 22 - A Gratitude post

I just turned 22. Twenty-two. It feels surreal and overwhelming, both at the same time. I woke up yesterday feeling so so grateful for the life I have, for I was given another birthday to celebrate. I always feel a little sentimental when my birthday comes mainly because I always reflect on life. 

This birthday especially I am most grateful of. I saw my life turned so  much in the past year and if you have read my entry on 2018, you would know how 2018 went for me. Looking back, those trials made and shaped me into the person I am today. And for that I am so thankful.

I spent my birthday yesterday around my family that I love so much. Kakak and Imaan went back to Subang on Tuesday just in time for my birthday. I missed Imaan so much I was SO happy she was there on my birthday. Seeing her for the first time when they picked me up from work two days ago felt so surreal! We video called almost every night so I usually see her in my telephone screen. Being able to hold and cuddle her felt like a dream. And I'm not exaggerating this at all.

For the past few days I realized how lucky and blessed I am, so this post is me stating the things I am grateful for so the next time I feel like life is grey, I can come back and be reminded that life will turn around and things will get better. 

Gratitude list:

1. I am grateful for my family, the people who will always be there for me, in times of health and wealth as well as in times of bad and debt.

2. I am grateful for the time I still have, to spend with the people I love and care. I still live with my family (I have no reason not to), I still see them everyday. You know how we always forget that as we grow, our parents grow old too. So I appreciate every minute I have with them. I also connect with my friends on daily basis and we always try to spare some time together.

3. I am grateful of all the love. Yesterday I felt so loved and appreciated. That's what birthdays do to you. Birthdays remind you of how many people actually love you and appreciate you even by just spending two minutes of their lives wishing you a happy birthday. Bless you guys!

4. I am grateful for the growth. In any form, in every way. Happy that I am given the chance to experience growth. 

I have always believed that the more you show gratitude, the more God will give you. It is something I have been practicing for so long and it is also a way I found helpful in coping with awful situations. I will try to look at it in the best way possible to make me feel so much better.

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