Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Day #5

What object tells the story of your life?

- A pen; symbolizes my love for writing. I can write forever.

- Spectacles; I have been a specky all my life (or so I feel like)

- Books on the bookshelves; I have yet to let go my textbooks and notes from foundation years even though I don't need them anymore. I sayang my books and to me, education is everything. I want to keep hold on those books.

- A memory box; I keep a memory box that holds everything -- from birthday cards, get well soon card, love letters, family pictures, photos from my school days and a lot more small things that are sentimental to me. All of that tell the story of me growing up.

4 turns on

I will take this question as four things guys do that attracts me. So,

1. The way he treats his Mom and my Mom. I am mummy's girl so I want a guy that understands how close and manja I can be with Mama. He would, if he is also one. This is also mean that he is a family guy. 

2. Decent. In all aspect. In his speak, his dressing, the way he thinks and his akhlaq

3. Responsible. I suka guys yang take responsibility over whether his work, or family or just things on his plate. Orang yang responsible has my respect. 

4. Funny yang tak try hard. 

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