Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Day #6

What is your relationship like with your siblings.

We are closer than ever. Gaduh, obviously ada but we all mmg ngam. Growing up, the only time yang susah nak rapat is because of age gap. Me and my eldest are five years apart. We do have a huge age gap yang dia dah sekolah menengah, I still in primary school and when I only started high school, dia dah habis sekolah. So it was rather hard to have a good connection. 

But bila I dah form 3 mcm tu, we all got so so much closer to each other and up until now. We are unbreakable (gituuuuwwww). We have differences but we understand that we may never be identical in how we see life, in how we handle things, or even in how we think. We accept the differences and make the best out of it.

4 turns off

1. Rough guys. I hate guys yang cakap mcm nak gaduh. I like gentle guys.

2. Guy who smokes. I don't hate them, I can be friends with them no problem but I do not necessarily find them attractive. 

3. Guys who do not take life seriously. Self explanatory. You should know what you need to do at the certain age and time. 

4. Rude guys. In whatever situation and aspect. 

p/s: Not that my opinion matters, you do you but this is just a question that ask on my opinion. I hope I tak offend anybody with my answer.

pp/s: I tak suka sweet talker jugak okbye

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