Thursday, February 7, 2019

Day #7

What personal achievement are you most proud of?

First of all, I don't want this post to come out as bragging because I am not even trying to. This is only my personal achievement that probably seem nothing for you guys. I am an overachiever. Let's just put that out straight. I hate to settle for less and be comfortable with what I achieved. I always want more. Which I know, I can do so much more.

However, my SPM result that were 7As (only) is honestly be the achievement I am most proud of. Why? 2014 was a rough year, I would say. We moved house because of financial reasons, we were broke, technically. My parents were jobless for a good few months in 2014. Not only my parents had to feed four of us, we also had my cousin with us which was also jobless at that time.

It was already amazing how we could survive at that time but to relate that to my story was, we had no money to send me to tuition classes. My mum wanted to send me though, but I refused because I know we don't have money. I told her I can do it; I basically challenged myself that. To see how would I do without all of the extra things.

With the emotional breakdowns, and all of that shebang, I pulled through and got myself that 7As that I am SO freakin proud of. I was over the moon, I still am. Even though for some, 7As are just average. I am happy and I proved myself that I am capable if I believe I can.

My best friend

My mum, my sisters, and my girly whirlies. Soon, Imaan will join the bandwagon! 

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