Monday, July 8, 2019

Almost Adulting

I started a book last week entitled ‘Almost Adulting’, a book by Arden Rose and I completed that book in two days. I was so happy I get to read again without feeling guilty of neglecting my work just to read. I find it really hard to commit to a book generally, let alone when I have responsibilities. This will not be a book review but I’ll tell you one thing; that book is SO GOOD. I recommend you reading it if you are just like me, in the midst of going into adulthood. Read, and tell me how you think of it.

Like she said in the book, adulting is doing things you hate. Like doing laundry. But despite you hating it, you still have to do it. It is the moment of truth when you realized you have to do shit on your own now. Clothes won't wash itself, and there are (or will be) bills you have to pay. Your parents need you more than you need them aka, they need your constant attention.

I went to a job interview earlier today only to realize that I am really going into another phase of life. And it is crazier to think that…, my avid reader have seen me go through all of this. From school, to university, and now… onto career life? Okay to be realistic, I have not secured this job yet but what I’m saying is that I am going into that now. I have given up studying not because I don’t want to, but looking at life right this moment, working would be the best option. That’s adulting for you, having to choose between two that will affect you life. You either turn right or left at this intersection which will lead you to a completely different path.

Adulting is also having to wake up early everyday because I am expected to (being a girl in this household, at least) or I will receive a death stare from my dad for waking up late and having to shake hands with a guy for professional reasons which definitely against your life principle. It all goes back to doing things you have never done before and it is a constant learning process. Adulting lets you see the world in a whole other perspective, could be scary and intimidating in one way, but interesting and fascinating in another.
To all almost-adults or full blown-adults, I know you are just like me, trying to figure life and planning out what's next. Constantly thinking ‘am I doing this right?’ in between ‘screw it!’ and ‘please let this be right’ while fingers-crossing. However you are living your almost-adult life, it is most importantly to know that you live just once,make the best out of it. Don’t regret anything and everything happens for a reason. Life is still worth living, nevertheless. 

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