Friday, September 17, 2021

Why working from home may not be for everyone

1) You tend to do work out of working hours, even though it is not expected.

2) You can't detach yourself from work mode. No time to cool off, moving from work desk to another thing immediately. No walks, no train rides, no small talk in between or change of scenery to distract you from work. I find myself having anxiety before sleep just thinking of working again just 6 hours later.

3) You get distracted so easily by family members calling you from the hall, parcel delivery, food delivery, tea time, and everything else in between.

4) Home is not a comfort place anymore, sucks how you can't say "I'm coming home from work" and have that happy-"finally going home"-feeling because you're home. All the damn time.

5) The hardest part is to be stressed around the people who you wanted to hide the stress from. I hate to see the look in my family's eyes when they see me struggling. I know they wish they can help.

Work does not suck. But with the whole that's been going on (which thank God, it's easing up) life can be too repetitive that makes you feel like a living, breathing robot. The things that keep me going is the fact that my family is still healthy, untouched by COVID, our daily video calls with my niece & nephew, my friends & colleagues that make things bearable. 

Someone asked me if the office reopens but you can choose to work from or in the office, which would you pick? In a heartbeat, I'll choose working in the office. That's how much I miss it. 

But until then, I'll endure this. I have done this long enough to know I'll be just fine.

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