Wednesday, November 3, 2021

The importance of closure

I don't think anyone has ever told me how important closure is. You can't just brush off arguments, disagreements, and especially relationship or friendship that ended. You need closure to give you peace. 

I learnt it the hard way. I went years, YEARS to move on from a relationship that I thought I moved on from. Apparently I have not, until about year ago. For so long, I went about my life just believing that I have, and convincing myself that I moved on. 

And let me clarify that even when I have not moved on, that does not mean I wanted that relationship back. I don't. It's just that I did not fully accepted the separation and it still bugged me in the small, disturbing corner of my mind. I was always haunted by the bad memories and how I wished things ended differently. 

I can totally be out of love, can live my life perfectly but I hold some resentment and grudge over the fact that I know I did not deserve what happened. What bizarre was that, I did not realise it was a problem until I finally got the closure I needed.

I finally able to accept, forgive, and finally have that peace I did not know I lost. If nobody ever told you that you need closure to move on, I will be the one to tell you now.

Find that person you had arguments with, you broke up with or the friendship that went sour. Don't leave it unattended -- go back to it and end it the way it was supposed to. You deserve that peace of mind.


p/s: this is a very Wordy Wednesday lol

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