Sunday, March 23, 2014

Hectic yet exciting week!


I wanted to blog so bad but sadly I have absolutely no time to write. Dah type sekerat dekat notes phone but then nak sambung balik tu takde time and idea nak sambung cemana. Jem terus. Nak fikir ayat pun tak ada masa. Hahaha so today nak qada' cerita 2 minggu lepas.

3rd March - 9th March 2014 

It was one exciting week for me. Sumpah tak tipu. So many things happened. I had so much on my plate at that time. I had march test that week & also MTQ peringkat zon tengah and that weekend my family & I moved in into our new house!


I was chosen to represent the school for Syarahan Spontan together with Aizat, my classmate. I was not selected through any audition or what so ever, it was by suggestions that were made by classmates. Truthfully, I was very excited for it. Tak pernah masuk any competition alone. As a solo, maksudnya. I was chosen pun exactly seminggu before competition. At first, mmg tak confident langsung sbb requirement speech mmg KENA ada hadith or potongan ayat al-Quran. In just one week, mcm impossible gila nak hafal, kan?! Plus, I have exam going on so mcm mana nak cope with both at the same time?!? But people around me, gave me such motivation for me to just go on and Ustazah pun bagi semangat and kepercayaan so I decided to just do it. Sebab mmg dalam "bucket list" nak bagi speech. Seriously haha. 

So the competition day was on 6th March which is on Thursday. It was held at SMK Perimbun. I was the last contestant to give out my speech. 13 was my number. Kitaorg tak boleh tgk other contestants punya speech sebab takut nanti curi isi org lain or things like that. Sbb scope tajuk tak besar sangat plus isi speech mmg boleh masuk dengan byk tajuk. Got me? Hahaha. So since tak boleh tengok other contestants, we were all quarantined at the other class so bila sampai je turn, pergi kelas sebelah utk bg syarahan. Apa yang paling intense was tajuk dapat on the spot and kena pilih sendiri. Tajuk tu dlm sampul. So bila sampai giliran, I had to pick one envelope pastu bg dkt hakim then i hv to sit dkt satu meja tu utk fikir isi for the tajuk that I randomly picked tadi tu. Hakim read out tajuk, I was given 2 mins utk fikir isi as much as possible, fikir hadith bersesuaian, fikir potongan ayat al-Quran, fikir definisi tajuk and all. Susah, mmg susah. 

One thing I was really grateful for ; tak nervous at all! I was really really thankful that Allah makbulkan doa that everything will be fine and I will not freaking out and not nervous and semua benda mudah. And yeap, Allah bagi. I was really calm and relax through the whole process, sampailah habis bg speech. I stuttered & paused a lot but still, I was feeling okay. After that, pertandingan yang lain pun dah habis, we all makan. Acara penutupan started at 12 so to fill up the time we had, pergi la ronda ronda sekolah tu. Perimbun sangat besar okay. So many blocks I got confused! 

Masa penutup tu, the principal bg ucapan, then the PIBG then ketua hakim. He concluded everything and bg comments on every pertandingan. Pertandingan yg ada was syarahan, hafazan, tadarus & nasyid. Saujana hantar all, both kategori lelaki & perempuan. Tp nasyid satu group je la. Our school won second place for tadarus for both kategori. Second place for nasyid & third place for hafazan lelaki. Syarahan tak menang apa apa. Nonetheless, it was a great experience. It was my first time anyway. Didn't expect to win pun. It was fun doing something new. Something I never did before. I am very grateful to be given this kind of opportunity. Kenal orang baru from other school, tried new things, skipped a test for the first time hahaha lol. Syukur sangat sangat. 


My family and I moved out from our house at taming to a house at puncak saujana on 9th March. Tak jauh pun but it was still, soooo tiring. Walaupun dekat, but we all still had to do the packing & the unpacking. The loading & the unloading. Lori ulang-alik almost 5 times jugak. I never knew our stuffs banyak mcm tu. Sebenarnya semua benda jadi sangat sangat short notice. Plan nak pindah kg two week mcm tu, sekali papa cakap penyewa nak masuk on the 10th. So seminggu tu je yg ada utk pack EVERYTHING. Dah la that week mmg a busy week for us. Papa & kakak kerja sampai malam. Amy dekat Kuantan. Mama balik kerja terus pack. Dyna & I busy study for exam that week PLUS I had MTQ too. So mama je la pulun pack sorang sorang. But Alhamdulillah, everything fell into places. So now dah 2 weeks pindah and semuanya ok ok sahaja. 


As I said I had ujian that week. Tak ada apa sangat pun. Everything was fine. Boleh jawab. I skipped a day of test for MTQ but repeated the papers the next week. So recently I got my results. Alhamdulillah paid off all the efforts and du'as. Walaupun belum lepas target but I am so very grateful for what I got. I asked for 7As tapi rezeki Allah bagi 6As but I was not sad about it. Mungkin effort belum cukup. Allah ada reason for everything. I am happy apa adanya. So next exam is on May. Target 7As juga tak boleh lebih lebih until I get it, baru upgrade target hahaha. So I'm hoping for the best now :) 

That is all for now. Thank you for keep reading sampai habis sebab panjang post ni. Dah la tak ada gambar. Bebel je banyak. So thank you so much!!! InshaaAllah I'll write again bila ada kesempatan. 

Yours truly, xo. 

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