Friday, April 11, 2014

Quick update!


How's life? Mine is pretty fine. I'm going to do a quick update about what has been going on in my life so first I am now very busy with netball training. The tournament will be on the 28th April for U15 & 29th for U18. So we are all trying so hard to do our best for it. I'm not hoping to win peringkat daerah or what so ever but jadi group champion tu my main target for now. We're hoping for the best for both U15 & U18. 

Second, the Sallies Crew are welcoming a new baby girl to the family!! My aunt just gave birth to a very cute lil baby girl. She named her after Nabi Isa's mother; Maryam. I haven't got the chance to visit both mother and baby but I hope I will soon. Really soon.  

Third, Amy is home for good!! I'm so glad and happy she's home. Ada la kawan nak borak and all other than Dyna. She finished her foundation year just last week. She will enjoy 6 months break before persuing her degree, inshaaAllah. I don't think she wants to work, therefore she will be at home the wholeeee time. Yay for that! 

Forth, mid-year exam is just around the corner. Tak sampai sebulan lagi and that is just nerve-wracking. I have only about 7 months before SPM and I can feel the heat already. Oh god I will freak out everytime cikgu cakap pasal SPM okay!! The mid-year exam is on 5th May. Like I said, I only target 7As. The pressure is on because school is stressing me out day by day, netball training 3 times a week, never ending homework & I don't sign up to any tuition class, that means I have to work harder than my friends. Competition mode; ON!

Fifth, and also the last one is, I was being elected to be the class monitor again because the former class monitor can't handle the stress and pressure. I don't blame him because I felt that last year and that was also the main reason why I turn down the offer of being the class monitor in the first place. But now, I'm trying to help him, and also everyone so I accepted the offer and started this morning. It's okay though because if I ease others' life, Allah will ease mine and that's for sure, the best help. 

Will write again soon, thank you for reading! Assalamu'alaikum! x

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