Saturday, April 12, 2014

Of National Siblings Day.


Most of you guys know that yesterday was National Siblings Day and this post is obviously, going to be about it. This is a special entry that I write with all my heart, for the special ones; my siblings from another mother. 

Maisarah Khairul, Amirah Izzati, Siti Nur Amaleen, Mimi Wahidah, Nurin Aina & Tun Faralyssa Qistina; six different souls, six different characters, came from totally different backgrounds but some says it's the difference that keep us together. 


The joker. The one that I always want to have in any occasion or event because without her, I can never feel complete. Her life is like, always stress-free and she always nailed to make me feel better whenever I'm upset. She's never sad, never upset. I can say she's always, ALWAYS happy. She can make you smile even when you don't feel like doing so. A great listener, good at cooking, funny of course and a good company too. She's the one that everyone loves to be around with. I am sorry sometimes you are the last one who knows things but that doesn't mean you're less important okay? hehe


I can go on and on and on and on describing her because I've known her since forever, have been her desk-mate for 4 years, kawan since standard 5 and I know her quite well. She's strong, so determined for what she wants, a very good listener and she is love by all. What I really love about her is; she always, ALWAYS put others' needs before her. She doesn't mind if she got less as long as the people around her got enough. She doesn't mind being the one who got hurt as long as others happy. She has a big heart, I could say. She's such a manja, clingy, overly-attached best friend of mine but I know that is her way of showing her love and care.


I am so jealous with her life. Everything about her is just perfect. She's beautiful, she's smart, everyone loves her, she has friends and family who's care for her. She can be very cold at times but that's just her being herself. I've known her since forever too. 7 years and I hope until forever. I sometimes feel like she doesn't love me and doesn't like to be friends with me because she's not clingy at all and not overly-attached kind of friend but I know deep down in her heart, she loves us all just as much. 


The second joker. Love to laugh and her laugh is contagious. Tak boleh stop kalau start gelak. She's soft hearted. Nampak je mcm tough but she's sensitive. Nampak je happy go lucky but she cries at night. She's a good listener too and she's one of the people that I'll go to whenever I have a problem or things to tell. She's my cutie patootie. I love sitting next to her in class because she can be both serious and fun. I knew her since form 1 but I just feel like I've known her since forever. And I have to admit this, kalau first time jumpa dia, dia mmg pendiam. Bila dah kenal, tak tau diam. Hahahaha


Manja, very responsible, such a strong person and independent. Since you entered boarding school, we rarely hang out but whenever we do, we can talk and talk and talk and laugh our asses off. I never felt awkward with you even after months of not seeing each other. I'm glad that our friendship still going strong even though we go to different schools, we meet once in few months and you've met new friends there but never once you leave us. Knew her since primary school but we became bestfriends when we're in form 1. By the way I'm so happy that you're a hijabi now! (I don't have a new picture with u hwaaaa)


Eventhough we rarely talk to each other, we don't hang out as much as we usually do but please bare in mind that I will always love you and always pray for you because a friend won't forget her friend. I always want the best for you even if you don't want the same for me, for us. You're my friend yang paling lantang, you don't even care what others think about you. You're fearless and so strong. We're not on the same page anymore but I really hope we'll fix things out. I'm glad that I get to know a person like you, and your background taught me lot about life and people. Whatever the future holds for us, you'll always be in my prayers. 

Sisters of mine, I know I'm not perfect and I know I made mistakes. I've been harsh on you guys, I said things I'm not suppose to but you know I didn't mean all that. I did everything for your best. Tegur, marah, semua bersebab. Bukan sebab benci tapi sebab sayang. Sayang sangat. We've been together as ONE since form 1 and I hope to be with you guys for many more years to come. We've promised each other that we'll be at each of us' wedding. We will let our children be friends. Close friends just like us. We'll meet often with our kids and husbands. We have too many plans and I really hope we'll make it till the end of our lives. I love you guys endlessly. So, Happy National Siblings Day! <3

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