Sunday, March 1, 2015

of february

Assalamu'alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

Regarding to the title, my february has been a roller coaster ride of emotions. I felt everything, been at my lowest, have been very happy too. Also, my february has been SUPER productive. Some of you may already know that I am now working and alhamdulillah I enjoyed every moment of it. I am now working at Teh Tarik Place Metropoint as a server with my friend Nana. At first tak pernah terfikir pun nak kerja. Tak minat nak kerja and of course, I tak cari pun this job hahaha. Nana so happened need a co-worker bcs she was the only server at the moment. So dia tanya dekat group whatsapp siapa yang nak kerja bcs TTP need another server ASAP. Without fikir panjang, I said to her I want that job. I wasn't at my best so I kind of cari distraction and I freaking chose to work! LOL I can't believe it either... BUT I somehow tersuka pulak kerja situ hahaha. Workers yang lain semua satu kepala. Fun to be with and I don't feel like I'm working pun. Rasa mcm lepak lepak je kalau dengan dorang. Can't lie the first day was the hardest though.. Bayangkan la I can't even sit for 8 hours. Kaki cramp mcm apa sbb tak pernah berdiri that long, ever. But then it gets easier, and easier. 

I started working on 29th January so I have been working for legit 1 month now and I'm not sure bila nak quit. At first nak kerja 2 bulan je which means berhenti end of this month but.. still thinking about it. I was very busy sampai there's not a day that I spent sitting at home je. Some of you might also know that my birthday fell on 27th Feb haritu, and no, this year no surprise hahahahaha didnt expect any though. I was happy through out the day everyone treated me good. Some of my classmates even datang TTP and met me. So sweet of them thank you so much! I also got SR cake from Aween & Nazmi. Thank you too! It was so good sedap gila. Tapi ada jugak yang tak bestnya. As I said last year, I cannot get everything I want right... but I'll just keep it to myself. Cerita paling last, and also penutup February this year, I went to Sepang yesterday. Mama ada reunion sekolah rendah dia. I took a day off from work and ikut my family pergi sepang. It was fun. We had bbq at night and otw back home singgah restaurant makan nasi hahahahaha (makan nasi serious wajib walaupun dah bedal bbq). Dah tu je. Jumpa lagi next year, my fav month! InshaAllah.

p/s: result SPM keluar 3rd march and I feel nothing. Bad sign....

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