Saturday, March 21, 2015

of SPM results

Assalamu'alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

First of all, I have absolutely NO intention untuk riak or brag about my result bcs if I do, I would already posted it everywhere, and I wouldn't delay this entry either. I tell almost everything here, I blog about things that happened in my life so this one counts too & this entry is also requested.

So as everybody knows, SPM result was out on 3rd March and....alhamdulillah! I got 7As & 2Bs. Expected actually, but I swear, I already very tawakkal daysssss before the results were out. I was very very redha, tak kisah what I get pun sebab I know, I did my best and whatever that I got pun, I deserved that. Tu je yang mampu. But then again, the results turned out satisfying. Tak tipu la I hoped for 9As but that was BEFORE I took the papers. After exam, I knew my level, I knew how well or how bad I did so I didn't expect 9As anymore. Kalau dapat tu memang rezeki & miracle la. I knew my results even before I got to school sebab Mia dah check dulu via sms and she told me I got 7As. I was so happy dah nangis dekat rumah dah haha bersyukur sangat sangat like I have no regrets and tak ada rasa frust that I didnt get 9As at all. I went to school not feeling nervous unlike everybody else hahah. Bila dah dapat slip tu and tengok sendiri the details, (subject apa yg A and apa yg B) I cried again out of happiness and gratitude. I was like WHAAAT!!! This one, truly unexpected. I got 5A+, 1A, 1A- & 2B+. I was blown away. Ya Allah.. I was beyond happy. Alhamdulillah.

Dah habis ambil result, guess what? i had to go to work 😑 I didnt get a day off because that wouldn't be fair for Nana sebab dia pun ambil result jugak plus it was our Senior supervisor's off day. So masuk kerja pukul 2 and my day was pretty much mcm hari hari lain jugak. Nothing special. 

Anyway, someone asked me on how did I studied. To be very honest... Rasa malu nak share because I am not an excellent student to begin with. I am very average. To me, the main key here is berkat. I don't believe in 'if you pandai, you can go far' nope I don't. But I believe in 'even if you're not smart, but if you're a very respectful, diligent student, you can go a long way'. I've seen so many people like that though.. It's the little things that matters. If you can get all A's but you are rude to the teachers, I don't think that will work because one day, at one point of your life, you'll regret it. You'll get the outcome of it. The bad ones, of course. I wouldn't say that I'm a good student though but I take this 'berkat' thing very seriously and I kind of believe I got this results because of that too. I don't study that much. Lesser at home, honestly. Dekat sekolah je I really pay attention. Tak ada gurau gurau berborak or main main. Homework, selalu je tak siap but I didn't get to the point sampai cikgu marah. Nak malas pun, berpada lah. As a student I think it's totally normal untuk procrastinate but please know you limit. Being a student is also an amanah, okay? Sekian sahaja entry kali ini.  

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