Saturday, January 28, 2017

365 again

Assalamu'alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

Here goes my very first entry of 2017. 5 years of blogging, woots! This place is very close to my heart and very personal to me, I don't think I will ever give up blogging. My blog is more like a public diary where I write my life in here and I let you guys in. I'm pretty much an open book and I'm not ashamed of that. I know some people can be sooo secretive of their life but maaann, I'm the exact opposite of secretive. Initially, I never thought I would be having readers because I write for me to have a place that I can go back to and look how my life/perspective have changed, how I have improved my way of writings & language. Honestly I'm glad I'm still persistent in blogging. 

It's nice to read past entries when I was over the moon, when I was anxious, heartbroken, and all other emotions I put in an entry and think of how I managed to go through every single one of them. I let you guys in my life and what you read is all of me. I am very transparent when it comes to writing because somehow I feel like I am more expressive in writings more than I am verbally. I tend to pour everything out in the form of writings instead of voicing it out.. Probably a side of me that even my best friends do not notice.

For 2017, I have a long list of resolutions and I really hope I stay consistent in making it happen, hahah. So here it goes;

- hope to blog more hehe

- I need to khatam Al-Quran again. 

- gotta lose weight (please please please)

- I NEED to get a driving license by the end of the year or else I would never have one.

- Maintain good pointer (degree is no joke guys)

- Donate blood at least once (i'm a scaredy cat when it comes to needles!)

- I gotta start eating veggies cause I'm a grown up 20-year-old woman lol!

Semoga tercapai semuanya amiinn. I know this is a lot to achieve but hey, I have 12 months, 365 days, 365 opportunities to make them true. I believe in myself and you should too. What's yours? Have a good year ahead! If life brings you down at one point, get back up again but stronger.

Happy New Year!

p/s: A lil update, since it is almost Feb now, I started eating veggies a lil bit now and I am proud! 


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