Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Very sentimental

A lot of you guys I'm sure have been using cellphones for quite some time, haven't you? I have, too. I have been given the authority to own a cellphone since I was 10 years old. I know some have gotten it a little bit earlier but most of us; people my age, got their first phone around 9-12 year-old. Since then, I have been using the same number. EVER SINCE. That number is so old and ancient that it can only perform 3G internet data. No 4G, what more LTE. So lopek. But I love it just the way it is.

Today, I changed to a brand new number. From a whole different carrier. I have been living in denial all these while and wanting to serve Maxis a little longer but it does not do me any good anymore. I no longer have interest in continuing using that telco so I decided to change to another. I know you might say that I can still keep the old number even when  I shift to another telco but in my case, it's a lot difficult and complicated than you think. Easier to say that I did my best to keep that number, however, I can't. 

To some, this might be petty. Tukar number je kot, emonya. That was my first number, I have gone through a lot, I grew up with that number. I received good news and bad news with that number, fought and love with the medium of that number. All of my acquaintances and my friends since I was 10 years old have that number. They could just call and it would still be me who picks up. I always tell people that they can trace me even after years because I would still be using the same number.

I am bad with numbers but I know that number by heart and I only remember two phone numbers by heart; mine and Mum's. God knows I'm not good with numbers. Even my friends know that number by heart. I worry I can't even remember my new number! Hahaha. Even if I were to tell you how special that number is to me, none of you would understand. Sucks to be this sentimental to a freakin phone number. I know, you would probably think that I'm ridiculous but that's okay. Nobody could really understand, unless they step into my shoe.

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